freedom of speech

According to Wikipedia, freedom of speech is the political right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas.

So whatever I think and say may be right by me but not by others. The thing is, in any given issue, there are opinions. Not what is right or wrong. For instance, let’s take homosexuality. Some people think it’s wrong and some think otherwise. Again, neither of these categories are wrong. No one can force their opinion on others. It’s like when scientists have different theories.

Having an opinion is not wrong but when one can’t tolerate other people having other opinions and acts upon the frustrations, it is wrong.



7 thoughts on “freedom of speech”

  1. Opinion: If you are a vegetarian, yet, eat seafood that does mean you actually don’t care for animal ethics at all? Secondly, do you just blind yourself to the fact of the oceans being depleted at such a rapid pace whereby the entire Eco-Systen could suffer?

    Just to note, the second point was made on the basis of a vegetarian having enough consciousness and ethics to also consider the wider picture around eating.


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    1. Why should a vegetarian think so much about the consequences when non-vegetarians don’t? If we are to question the vegetarians about eating sea food and having the mind to consider the bigger picture, then why not question non-vegetarians too?
      And I would consider a vegetarian consuming sea food a non-vegetarian because sea food like fish is considered meat.


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